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Things that insomnia makes me feel:
-Hate for myself and who I am

Hi, I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Kyle and I'm 23 and live in the suburbes of DC. I started to have problems with sleep in the winter of 2001 and have been battling with it ever since. I've been diagnosed before with delayed circadian rythem, which as far as I can tell means my body runs on a clock thats longer than 24 hours. I was told my case is extreme in that my body believes the day to be something like 30 hours long, so I want to go to bed 5-6 hours later each night and wake 5-6 hours each morning. I'm no longer in treatment for the sleep disorder anymore, but am dealing with depression which I've been fighting for roughly the same amount of time. It's quite evident that my sleep disorder and depression feed off and strengthen one another. It's very rough and has caused me to have to drop out of college and loose quite a few jobs too. People aren't very sympathetic towards sleep disorders. When you're young they think it has to do with your lifestyle rather than your biology. The feeling that my sleep disorder makes me feel most is guilt because I've missed so much by oversleeping to compensate for my weird and everchanging sleep scedule. I had a lot going for me and now I'm quite frankly struggling to survive in life.

Anyways thats me. I look forward to talking with the group.
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