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unsleeping's Journal

insomniacs delight
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"Insomnia, defined as trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, is a common problem. Occasional insomnia is experienced by more than a third of American adults, and chronic insomnia is known to plague more than one in ten. If you have ever suffered from insomnia, you know it can disturb your waking, as well as your sleeping hours. It can cause you to feel sleepy or fatigued during the day, affect your mood, and result in trouble focusing on tasks." - The American Insomnia Association

We often find ourselves awake with nothing to be awake for. We find ourselves feeling alone and tired, yet not able to sleep. Some of us have no one to talk to, some of us do. We come together to seek answers, to talk when no one else will listen, and to find that we really aren't as alone as we think we are. We are the insomnia afflicted, the unsleeping.